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The Public Archiving Of Thomas Park’s Audio Projects 

Now that most of Thomas Park's solo audio projects have been officially closed, including 
Mystified, Mister Vapor, AutoCad, Grid Resistor, Model 201 and others, Thomas has embarked 
on a multi-phase archiving process. 

(Please note that as of 3/2020 , Thomas Park re-opened his mystified project, where he began a 
new phase of composition that is not summarized here). 

For a quick look at the discographies for his main projects, you may reference: This document . 

First, Thomas amassed and created copies of his complete collections of files for his various 
projects on a series of external hard drives. Some of these external drives are stored in his 
domicile, and some have gone out to trusted friends and family members. 

Second, Thomas has made available in one convenient place high-quality selections of his 
various works. Thomas calls these " Archival Selections ". They are available at the site that was 
so pivotal to his career-- The Internet Archive. Archival Selections 1-28 appear as a 
sub-collection ofTreetrunk Records, a netlabel at The Internet Archive. 

Especially of note is the last selection, number 028, the Full Album Videos” . Number 028 
contains a large set of high-definition videos that each feature an entire album. These are not all 
of Thomas' albums or videos, but they represent a good portion of the releases that featured 
Thomas as composer-in-chief., and these collections, represent the best available set of archived audio material by 
Thomas Park over the last 2 decades. This document lists and provides links to nearly all 
non-compilation works by Thomas and his various acts at This document contains 
links to stream and/or download these same works. 

Nearly all of Thomas Park’s solo releases on his Treetrunk Records netlabel and in various 
Community Media collections are available with a public domain license-- i.e. there are no 
restrictions on use. 

Grid Resistor material is available at various netlabels throughout the internet. There is a 
collection of all 65 solo tracks by the project in mp3 form at in the Treetrunk Records 
collection. This release page is called, “ Omega ”. All tracks on this page are available in the 
public domain. 

Model 201 material can be found throughout the internet, or at one convenient hub in the 
Community Audio collection at, all in the public domain, entitled, “ The Case” . 

There are a few other collections to note. 

Thomas has created and shared a series of mini-documentaries that detail the development of 
his musical career, including high-points and achievements. These videos can be watched or 
downloaded at 

Thomas Park: The Documentaries , and 
Thomas Park: The Documentaries Part 2 

Thank you for your interest in Thomas' creative projects! It is appreciated. 

As a P.S., If Thomas is unavailable to contact for access/information about media files or other 
related data or information, please contact L. Park at Iwondell (at) hotmail (dot) com or Royce 
Lee at rrooyyccee (at) hotmail (dot) com . Serious inquiries only, please do not needlessly 
contact or harass these people.